1. If you had one picture/image/video to make me laugh, what would it be?


The luchadores cuddling has to be one of my all time favorite photographs. I loved it so much, that I printed it out and framed it for my apartment. It is such a strange and random photo to have lying around the house amongst other “normal” photographs. Guests will walk past it, glance at it and immediately ask in a horrified voice if it is a genuine photograph of my boyfriend and I. Gets them every time.

2. What do you geek out about? Why?

I geek out about fashion and interior design. I am always looking for inspiration with interior design from Houzz.com, Dwell and Elle Décor.  I even stroll through the showrooms at the Merchandise Mart if I am in the area and have some free time. I spent my early twenties working as a designer for Walter E Smithe Furniture and attending Columbia College for Interior Architecture.  

My fashion inspiration comes through fashion bloggers, magazines and retail websites. I can spend days on these sites trying to find some inspiration for something specific that is on my mind. I can picture it and it probably hasn’t been created, but I will be sure to find something that is close, if not perfect!

I think the reason I am drawn to fashion and interior design is that I love the use of colors, textiles and texture to make things beautiful. The interesting thing about beauty, fashion and interior design is that everyone has their individual styles and each style can express a lot about their personality and what they adore. I love the idea of creating beautiful and unique projects and being inspired by creative and intelligent minds around me.