Conference Rooms

During Trunk Club’s 2017–2018 HQ refresh/expansion, we were adding more conference rooms and there was a need for a new naming system in addition to privacy between the large glass rooms.

I worked with the PR and OPS teams to come up with a solution that felt on brand and made sense for wayfinding purposes. Our sixth floor which is our women's retail floor had conference rooms named after women's dresses: Peplum, Midi, and LBD. Our fifth floor was named after outerwear: Sport Coat, Swacket, and Trench. The south rooms on the fourth floor all has s's in their titles: Stripe, Silk, Seersucker, Satin, and Sequin. And our smallest rooms were all named after microprints: Houndstooth, Herringbone, Tweed, and Twill.

I designed privacy vinyl between the rooms with and oversized herringbone pattern to keep the room themes cohesive.



Clubhouse Interior Design Refresh

Trunk Club started as a men’s outfitters and I joined the creative team shortly after Nordstrom had purchased the company. The business had transitioned into a men’s and women’s retailer, yet it still had a very masculine vibe. Because of my involvement in branding and my background in interior design, I was asked to work with the Director of OPs and interior designer Jocelyn Ricks to help transform Trunk Club’s Clubhouses into a space that felt more aligned with the new demographic of customers.


CB2 Collaboration

We were looking to optimize our budget for the Clubhouse refresh and thought it was a perfect opportunity to reach out to CB2 with a marketing collaboration. My background in interior design and marketing helped ideate a strategy to connect our business objectives. When working on interior design for my residential clients, I always looked in their closet to find out what colors and fabrics they were drawn to and felt most comfortable in. This helped me choose what aesthetic and fabrics I wanted to work with in their homes. Accessories and colors can be changed out seasonally in both your personal wardrobe and your home to make you feel on trend with every season. So we based our furnishing choices around that concept and it is one of my favorite spaces in the Clubhouse.



Trunk Club HQ sign

As Trunk Club scaled in business there was a need to expand our office space as well. The goal was to optimize our visibility and take advantage of the real estate we had off of the Dan Ryan Expressway in Chicago. We scaled the logo as large as we could and added to monogram to provide more awareness on our brand mark. It was an exciting opportunity to put my mark on the famous Chicago skyline.



Stylist Event Set-up

Clubhouse stylists had never previously had guidance in how to market themselves during events. I worked with the Events Team to provide some guidance and tools to arm them with what they needed to succeed and keep their marketing efforts on brand. This included an event set-up kit as well as brochures, swag, and a keynote deck.