Trunk Club Brand Book

When I joined Trunk Club, there was not a definitive guide to visual brand standards. I was tasked with developing with the first official brand guidelines in order to help keep the branding consistent across all channels. I started by doing an audit of our brand colors and adjusted them so they would be ADA compliant. As the marketing needs expanded I found numerous opportunities to create additional consistency, including typography, illustration styles, photography, as well as our Custom and B2B brands. I also worked with our Creative Lead, Kelly MacDowell to include an extensive guide to copywriting. I found the great part about keeping the guidelines in digital format is they remain a living resource that can easily be shared by a single link with anyone in the company or business partners.

Check out the full brand book site. It’s a deep dive so get comfortable.



Custom Lookbook

Trunk Club Custom is a line of men’s clothing that expertly takes 27 measurements to fit so each garment feels perfectly tailored. The seasonal Lookbook is used as a sales tool for stylist with their clients. In the past, it was only viewed in digital form. I was honored to be the designer on the first printed book.




Dormeuil Folder

Trunk Club Custom partnered with Dormeuil, a French textile company to create a one-of-a-kind, limited edition fabric available only to Trunk Club clients. They requested a folder that can be reused with the purpose of partnering with other fabric manufactures for similar fabric runs in the future.



Ad for Grammy souvenir book

Trunk Club had the opportunity to place an ad in the Grammy’s souvenir book and I was stoked to have my design sitting in Beyonce’s lap. I went with a very simple aesthetic for the ad to help it stand out among the busier ads on the other pages.